Hawk was born to a wealthy family. When he became engaged to Helen; the woman of his dreams, he truly believed that he would have the happily ever after that fairy tales speak of. Instead he caught her cheating on him…she had only married him for his wealth, every endearment she had ever whispered to him was a lie.

He walked away from all of it, becoming a traveling musician for a while. Later he gather a group of talented but misunderstood individuals to his cause. They became bandits preying on wealthy travelers, taking bigger risks to gain the rewards promised by the trade caravans around Nexus. They assaulted one Hari’s caravans on their way back from Great Forks loaded down with cash from silk sales. This ignited a swift but passionate affair between Hawk and Kari before he became tired of her selfish ways and moved on. The affair resulted in Hari’s pregnancy with Layn’leen, but she has never met her father.



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