classically beautiful and sweetly poisonous


My cousin Jilme is the same age as I am. She is classically beautiful and sweetly poisonous. The first time we met we were in the stables with our mothers. We had just arrived to be present to our grandmother for the first time as young women. Our mothers stopped to verbally spar for a short period of time. We studied each other in silence for a few moments, then she made a very sweet, very nasty comment about the odd shape and color of my eyes. I pushed her face down into a pile of manure and hit her until the stable hands waded in and separated us. She has never forgiven me for having to go before our grandmother in a borrowed dress with a split lip and a swelling face. She has devoted a lot of energy to insuring that I am not well respected or well thought of by the rest of the family and is partially behind my black sheep standing. (Iona)

Jilme is 26 yo.



D'Sirai amiyusesha